Be Patient Kids?

Be patient kids, I would be back home. I and your mom really understand about your feeling. You’re sometimes crying when I and your mom go to work. We realize your grandpa and grandma are not so really care about you. They only understand you if you’re really quite and nothing to do. They neither do not exactly know what do you want when you play the game on note book. But those are really not their false at all.

Calm Down Kid?
One day when you’re grow up you will understand why I and your mom leave you every day to work. Even you’re now starting to know the reason why. You do not know what we feel out of home. We keep thinking about you. We’re worry in case you keep crying.

We are so sorry kid, but we have to do that just only for you. We never break our dream to make you happy. Just keep playing the game kid, and you will find your world then you will tell us about the soldiers who killed by you when we are back home. Well, hope you will be able to write and then we would read what you write on a paper. Tell me what you have done this day with your grandpa and grandma.

After you’re telling this the we would give your favorite milk. But if we do not give you your milk, try not to cry because we do not have enough money to buy it. But thank you you’ve told me about what you’ve done a long this day. Actually I we do not know exactly when this bored situation would be end. But trust us. We will be alright then.

Now what you’ve got to do is only smiling when I and your mom go to work. Because to day you will find your own world. But be careful kid with the enemy on your note book. So, what you are going to tell us to day? Be patient kid, we do really love you.  

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  1. kids will understand about their parents conditions sooner or later...
    be patient Erroes n' Nabila there will be a time when you realize that your parents work hard for you. Leaving you for working is one of your parents love.

    But I believe your father is no longer leaving you because he has been a full time blogger, right? :)